Removing Trees for Solar Power

May 26, 2016


The benefits of solar power tend to go hand in hand with growing trees. Both are great for the environment but often, trees must be cut down in order to enhance the full advantage of using solar power. When an individual or a corporation is trying to go “green” by using solar power, does it seem odd that they may need to cut trees down in order to achieve the goal of using more natural resources? While it may be a difficult decision to make, the short answer to that is going to be yes, in many situations, trees must be cut down in order to utilize the enhanced benefits that one will garner from using solar power.

Trees can make solar power very difficult to utilize, especially when tree limbs may be in the way of natural sunlight shining directly down onto the roof where the solar panels are located. Many homeowners worry about cutting trees down because they think it will be harmful to the environment or even expensive to do. Most of the time however, trees will need trimmed instead of cut all the way down. When trees do need to be cut, most homeowners find that they need only to cut one, possibly two, trees to maximize the solar power.


Why You Should Choose Solar Power

Solar power is a great investment as it will save money in the long run with heating and cooling and in many states, solar power can make homeowners money as the government will buy-back excess solar energy. The cost of solar energy does not rise as a regular utility bill would as your payment will stay the same until it is paid off or until your agreement is paid in full. Solar energy can be uses anytime of the day or night and chances are that your panels will actually produce more power than what your home will use. The future depends on environmentally friendly resources that will keep the air and water clean. Solar panels are the way to go to when you need clean energy that will not pollute the atmosphere as fossil fuels do.


 Will Cutting Down Trees Be Cost Effective or Beneficial?

When taking time to consider the cost and overall benefits of solar panels vs. tree removal, one needs to factor in the long term benefits and the C02 that will be removed from the environment by using solar energy instead of fossil fuels. Most solar panels can produce energy for up to 25 years and will be able to produce more than 5000 Kilowatts of electricity each year. This level of energy production is emissions free and will save more than 100 tons of C02 production during the lifespan of the solar panels.

Cutting down one or two trees will seem like a small chore when compared to the fact that the C02 reduction is equivalent to planting nearly 200 trees. Tree removal can cost a homeowner anywhere from $50 to more than $1000 depending on the size and location of the tree.

A company like Lewis Tree Service who specializes in Santa Cruz tree removal will be able to work with you to resolve the issue and make a decision as to whether the tree, or trees, need to be pruned away from the house or removed entirely. While some people may worry about the environmental aspects of tree removal, the overall benefits of installing solar panels will produce not only a stable environment, but will also prove to be financially rewarding as the years pass by. Tree removal or trimming is going to be a wise investment and the cost should never be something that prevents upgrading to a more stable and eco-friendly source of energy such as solar panels.


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